5 Layers Bread Slicer
5 Layers Bread Slicer
5 Layers Bread Slicer

5 Layers Bread Slicer

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There is really no food quite as delicious as fresh bread. Whether made at home in your very own oven or bread maker or whether brought home from a beloved bakery, bread has long been, is now, and ever shall be an exquisite and celebrated food.

And while having a great loaf of bread is always welcome, having an easy way to cut that loaf into slices is even better. For nothing makes bread better than enjoying it shortly after it is cut. Pre-sliced bread may have been a wonder of its time and might remain a convenience in the modern era, but it can't match fresh sliced loaves for flavour. This 5 Layer bread slicer will give you the flexibility to cut your bread into the size you want. 

Item Name: bread cutter 



Size:4.2*5.2 cm 

Weight:55 g 

Package:2 pcs /lot 

Please Note:

Due to hand measure, the size may have 1-2cm error
Due to Different Monitor, the colour may have difference