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"If you buy stuff you love, regardless of era or price, your home will be a true reflection of you"

Tux Lux Team

Tux Lux Team

Tux Lux Shop is your one stop shop to all gadgets, appliances and high quality furnishings relating to your home and kitchen.  
We aim to source the handiest products worldwide to make your life in your home that little bit easier, and also a little more exciting! All of our products are trialled and tested, so we know you won't be disappointed.  
Our Tux Lux Original products are all manufactured and custom made on site in Australia, boasting the highest quality finishings, and adding that extra style and uniqueness to your home.  
Our expert team is only a phone call or an email away, so enquire now, and bring a little Tux Lux into your world!  


The products on the Tux Lux Shop are of a good quality. I have purchased over 10 items and all have met the promise of the item and my expectation. Thank you Tux Lux 


These products are unique and funky and the best thing is that they actually work as described, Very exited to see what tux lux brings out next. 


Fast delivery, great response time!